DSC_0204Learning lessons is an integral part of growth.20+ years and i have learnt lessons-some easy and some the hard way. I have tried a couple of things and failed at some while successfully continuing some and some i discontinued and continued. Whatever i did, i did it with passion.
Talking about passion- i would here like to differentiate it with the kind of passion that is closer to obsession and not actual passion.In my case it has been passion. Most passionate i have been about is Kuchipudi. I might not be from Andhra but perhpas, i am passionate about it as much as anyone from the region. I can very safely call it my passion as nothing can demotivate me- not health problems, not a hectic day at school, college or now J-school, not a fight. On the contrary, i need to dance more on gloomy days more than anything. It is the answer to all my problems/dilemma.My feet are happy feet when they hurt because of dance.
For a living , though, i intend to take up journalism as a profession and i am training to be one.
That is all from me for this page, folks.
TIll then, keep smiling. I’ll leave you with an advice, dance to live and live to dance. Let your feet be happy and you’ll stay happy forever.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. That, I must say, is an excellent and benign beginning Veena. As I have known you for sometime now, I can safely say that your passion towards Kuchipudi is apparent but today, I am pleasantly surprised to know that you have drawn parallels between the art and life itself. This is pretty deep, as I was not otherwise aware of my students apart from some selected colleagues and friends. I wish you from bottom of my heart that during your pursuit you may find peace and happiness in the life’s journey through Kuchipudi.
    Love you
    Abhi Didi

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